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Curriculum 1
The Hyper Sales Growth Strategies
Curriculum 2
Sales Management and Team Leadership
Curriculum 3
Creating and Being Part of a Winning Culture
Your Hyper Sales Growth Competitive Advantage in 2018
It's time to build proven processes in your business and leverage our wealth of resources.
Ask Questions & Get Answers
Your Missing Link to Hyper Sales Growth "Game-Changing" Success
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Develop a Winning Culture
No Team Will Reach Its Full Potential Without the Right Culture & Tribe
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Management & Leadership
Multiply Your Top Line Sales and Bottom Line Profits
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Learn How to Sell More Effectively by Turning Your Goals Into Sales
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Jack Daly Hyper Sales Growth Membership Club 
Over Jack’s 30 years in the Sales Training Space, sales managers, sales people and corporate executives have asked Jack to develop this Sales Training Program.  Here's what you'll get:


Monthly Conference Calls With Jack and Team
I want more of Jack.   Jack will host calls a monthly call plus may also invite other successful business leaders to join the call and share their sales experiences that have helped their companies achieve hyper sales growth.  You can submit your questions throughout the month inside the members area.  Calls happen one Friday of each month at 1PM Eastern Time and are recorded/archived inside the members area for members to listen at a convenient time should there be a conflict at our scheduled time.


Peer to Peer Networking & Learning
By becoming a Jack Daly member, you will have access to other members to learn about their businesses and share information with your respective companies.   This will only be available as an “opt-in”; otherwise, your contact information will remain confidential. Should you wish to join the Peer to Peer Program, think about the opportunity to nurture new relationships with other influential, Type A, accomplished sales professionals.   You will develop powerful, authentic and real relationships with other executives attracting more success and happiness into your own life.

Structured Accountability

You will receive structured work with accountability.  Let’s face it, when you spend most of your days working behind a computer or in the field visiting prospects and customers, it’s easy to think your “busy”; you need to accomplish, hit performance goals and drive sales.  That’s your job.  As part of this group, you will receive both structured and unstructured accountability by email notifications and accountability exercises.

Jack Daly University Core Curriculum Content

You will receive unlimited access to Jack's 3 flagship course curriculums.  You'll learn the Hyper Sales Growth Strategies, Sales Management and Team Leadership along with Creating and Being Part of a Winning Culture.  Gain traction in your market and take the lead with your Hyper Sales Growth competitive advantage. 

Module 1: Creating a Winning Culture By Design
Module 2: Compensation Recoginition & Rewards for Salespeople
Module 3: High Profit Sales Contests
Module 4: Sales RX, Sales Systems & Process Checklist
Module 5: How to Sell More Effectively to More People
Module 6: Win the Mental Game
Module 7: Beating Call Reluctance, Getting Through the GateKeeper
Module 8: Why Do Business With Your Company
Module 9: Lessons Learned
Module 10: Sales Management Essentials, The Sales Manager Checklist
Module 11: Recruiting Top Sales Performers
Module 12: High Payoff Sales Meetings That are Worth Attending

Smart Selling Through Value
Coaching Companies to Greater Success

Interactive Group Email List
This one is PURE GOLD!  Imagine being up against a deadline and knowing that in a few short minutes you could receive instant feedback on things such as creatives, team management, problem solving and testing new sales strategies, handling difficult objections and copywriting before ever going live with the campaign or pitching your dream client.  Members routinely refer to this interactivity of thought leaders is the most beneficial parts of this group.
Founding Member Offer Price

The Founding Member price is Only $297.00 for the 1st month and $97.00 per month thereafter. Should the price escalate in the future, Founder Members will be "grand-fathered" in for life at this founding member price should the price increase in the future. 

Jack Daly's Iron-Clad "No Questions Asked"
You'll have a FULL 90 days to put my strategies & training to the test.  If, at anytime within that period, you feel like my systems and processes are not a fit for you and your team, simply contact us for a 100% refund of your membership fees... with no hassle and NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  If we can't help you, we don't deserve your money!
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